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Zhongkuang Steel Pipe
  • Respect Good faith、Team、Innovation
    Enterprise strategy Based on the service for oilfield, our enterprise keeps on developing the petroleum mechanical industry with producing the petroleum pipe as the foundation. At the same time, we selectively enter into certain other sectors with some financial capital, and seek opportunities for breakthrough in development on our own initiative, which will make Zhongkuang boom for long. By doing so, Zhongkuang can grow into an international enterprise group.
    Enterprise aim To create value for customers
    To create opportunities for staff
    To create strength for enterprise
    To create harmony for society
    Enterprise spirit Constantly striving to become stronger
    Excelling oneself
    Being meticulous
    Striving for perfection
    Enterprise philosophy Opening for superior
    Suitable for everything well-done
    Flogging for success
    Enterprise moral Sincerely honest
    On the up-and-up
    Enterprise style Rigorous
    Highly effective
    Enterprise’s business concept Implements differentiation strategy
    Taking the lead in diversity, quality and innovation
    Enterprise’s Services concept Customer’s demand is our goal
    Think customers think,Anxious customers anxieties.
    Business management view Human-centered
    Scientific policy-making
    Rule-governed management
    Establishing job functions by the responsibility
    Handling things according to rule and regulations
    Clarify everyone’s responsibility
    Enterprise HR concept Knowing the human and put their potential into full play
    Appointing people by their abilities
    Strengthening team by introducing talented persons from outside while developing the existing
    team members
    Enterprise view of safety Safety first
    Prevention primary
    Mobilizing the whole staff
    Showing love on life

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