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API NUE Tubing Couplings


We carry size range of 2-3/8", 2-7/8″, 3-1/2″,4″ and 4-1/2″ in J55, K55, N80, P110 grade. All of our couplings meet the API Specifications 5CT/5B.


API nonupset (NUE) tubing is used much less than EUE tubing. The cost of NUE is only slightly less than EUE, and the joint strength is substantially less. The coupling joint diameter of NUE is less than EUE, which offers some advantages when clearance is small. API NUE joints are available in sizes of 1.050 to 4.500 in.


API 5CT NUE Tubing Couplings


Couplings are short lengths of pipe used to connect 2 joints of tubing or casing. They come with painted colour codes on their external surface to indicate their grades.


1. Size: 2-3/8" 2-7/8″, 3-1/2", 4″, 4-1/2″


2. Standard: API 5CT /5B


3. Type: EUE


4. Grade:J55/K55/N80/L80/P110


5. Packaging: wooden pallet, tight wrapped


Tubing Couplings Size And Dimension

Size Type of Thread O.D*L (mm) Weight(kg)
2-3/8" NUE 73.02*107.95 1.28
2-3/8" EUE 77.80*132.82 1.55
2-7/8" NUE 88.90*130.18 2.34
2-7/8" EUE 93.17*133.35 2.40
3-1/2" NUE 107.95*142.88 3.71
3-1/2" EUE 114.30*146.05 4.10
4" NUE 120.65*146.05 4.35
4" EUE 127.00*152.40 4.82
4-1/2" NUE 132.08*155.58 4.89
4-1/2" EUE 141.30*158.75 6.05

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