• CNPC INT.(SUDAN) OilfieldSupply Record(year): 2010
  • HUNTING OILFIELDSupply Record(year): 2008-2009
  • DAQING OILFIELDSupply Record(year): 2008-2013
  • CHANGQING OILFIELDSupply Record(year): 2008-2013
  • XINJIANG OILFIELDSupply Record(year): 2008-2013
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Zhongkuang Steel Pipe
  • Delivery OCTG pipe to Venezuela                                                                           [Published: 2014-6-15]

  • last year,venezuela company signed a large order for OCTG pipe with our company,up to now ,the all OCTG pipes have been completed,and starting to delivery to Caracas. ....Details>>

  • API 5CT N80:Easing short-term does not terminate                                            [Published: 2014-1-22]

  • The decline in API 5CT N80 prices, on the one hand from the "five countries," the State Department announced, on the other hand, and the Federal Reserve or the early termination of the current accommodative policy....Details>>

  • Use of API 5CT J55 oil casing                                                                                    [Published: 2013-12-29]

  • Special oil pipe is mainly used in oil, gas well drilling and oil, gas transmission. It includes pipe, oil casing, tubing oil drilling. The tube is mainly used to connect the drill collar and drill bit and drill for oil drilling force transfer. Petroleum casing pipe is mainly used for supporting the wall ....Details>>

  • API 5CT J55 casing production factory direct sales                                               [Published: 2013-12-23]

  • API 5CT J55oil casing, API 5CT J55 casing production factory direct sales, Cangzhou Chengyuan Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of oil cracking pipe, oil pipe,....Details>>

  • API 5CT N80 steel oil the Yanchang Oilfield                                                            [Published: 2013-11-25]

  • Clad steel 30000 tons of oil API 5CT N80 successful Yanchang oilfield of Yanchang oilfield, become a supplier. Yanchang oilfield is located in Shaanxi Province, is China's fourth largest oil....Details>>

  • China Iron and API 5CT J55 industry competitive advantage                               [Published: 2013-11-2]

  • China Iron and API 5CT J55 industry competitive advantage on API 5CT J55 oil casing The first: at present, countries are in the implementation of air pollution control action as an opportunity, to further increase the iron and API 5CT J55 industry, including the environmental supervision and law enforcement, according to the situation of enterprise energy consumption, emissions, strict implementation of differential pricing, price and other....Details>>

  • The coupling in API 5CT N80                                                                                      [Published: 2013-10-18]

  • The tightening or shackle,Below is the recommended practice API 5CT N80 field tightening.....Details>>

  • The types of special oil well tube and the application                                           [Published: 2013-10-10]

  • When drilling oil and gas, in addition to the need of drilling machinery and equipment, also need special pipe material, namely, the drill string, casing, tubing, etc., are collectively referred to as "pipe". In the drill string, also.....Details>>

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